Curriculum Overview 2016

Cressex Community School offers a broad and balanced curriculum. Our aims are:

  • to enable students to move successfully into the next stage of education, whether in a Sixth Form, in a further education college, or an apprenticeship; and
  • to prepare students well for the opportunities and challenges of life in the modern world.

In years 7 and 8, students follow all the subjects of the national curriculum. They are taught in sets according to their ability in English, mathematics, science, art, citizenship, computing, French, geography, history, music and religious studies.  This enables students of all abilities to be taught at a level that is appropriate to them.  Students may move between sets depending on the progress they are making. Students also take lessons in physical education (PE), design technology (DT), and personal, social and health education (PSHE).  PSHE includes drugs education and sex and relationships education.

In years 9, 10 and 11, all students study GCSE English Language, GCSE English Literature, mathematics, science and religious studies. Students are taught in ability sets for these subjects. All students continue with a programme of core PE. In addition they choose optional subjects from a range of GCSE and BTEC courses. Where numbers allow, students are taught in ability sets for optional subjects, based on their ability in the subject. 

Information about subject choices is shared with parents/carers and students at an options evening for all year 8 students. Students receive further advice and guidance on their options during a one-to-one interview with a senior member of staff.

Students receive independent advice and guidance on their career and further study choices within the PSHE programme and during one-to-one interviews with the school’s allocated Connexions adviser.

Subject Content: GCSE/BTEC Examination Courses (Years 9, 10 and 11)

The chart below lists each subject studied at GCSE/BTEC together with the relevant exam board.

This table will be updated to reflect any further changes which are being made to GCSE courses over the next two years.

Click on the exam board name to access their website, past papers and supporting materials including mark schemes.

Click on the specification code to view the specification (or syllabus) and to access the course content in detail.

Subject Exam Board Specification
GCSE English Language Edexcel 1ENO
GCSE English Literature Edexcel 1ETO
GCSE Mathematics Edexcel 1MA1
GCSE Science (Year 11 only) Core Science AQA 4405
GCSE Science (Year 11 only) Additional Science AQA 4408
GCSE Science Combined (Trilogy) Double Award AQA 8464
GCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology Triple    Award AQA 8461, 8462, 8463
GCSE Religious Studies To be confirmed To be confirmed
GCSE French (Years 9 and 10) AQA 8658
GCSE Arabic (Years 10 and 11) Native speakers only Edexcel 2AR01
GCSE Arabic (Year 9) Native speakers only Edexcel 1AA0*
GCSE Dutch (Years 10 and 11 only) Native speakers only OCR J733
GCSE German (Years 10 and 11) Native speakers only AQA 4665
GCSE German (Year 9) Native speakers only AQA 8668
GCSE Italian (Years 10 and 11) Native speakers only AQA 4360
GCSE Italian (Year 9) Native speakers only Edexcel 1IN0*
GCSE Polish (Years 10 and 11 only) Native speakers only AQA 4685
GCSE Portuguese (Years 10 and 11 only) Native speakers only OCR J736
GCSE Russian; Native speakers only To be confirmed To be confirmed
GCSE Spanish (Years 10 and 11) Native speakers only) AQA 4695
GCSE Spanish (Year 9) Native speakers only AQA 8698
GCSE Urdu (Years 10 and 11) Native speakers only AQA 4645
GCSE Urdu (Year 9) Native speakers only Edexcel 1UR0*
GCSE History WJEC Eduqas
GCSE Geography (Year 11 only) AQA 9030
GCSE Geography (Years 9 and 10) AQA 8035
GCSE Art and Design To be confirmed To be confirmed
GCSE Citizenship OCR J270
GCSE Design and Technology - Resistant Materials Edexcel 2RM01
GCSE ICT Edexcel 2IT01
GCSE Computing Science Edexcel 1CP1
GCSE Sociology To be confirmed To be confirmed
GCSE Business Studies (Year 10 only) Edexcel 2BS01
GCSE Busines Studies (Year 9) OCR J204
GCSE PE (Year 11 only) AQA 4890
GCSE PE (Years 9 and 10) OCR J587
GCSE Statistics Edexcel 2ST01
GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition WJEC Eduqas
BTEC ICT Edexcel 600/4789/6
BTEC Health and Social Care Edexcel 600/4782/3

* Awaiting approval from OFQUAL

1. Only one BTEC subject may be chosen as part of the option choices.
2. GCSE Triple Science will only be available to students who have met the required
3. For those students who choose GCSE Computer Science or BTEC ICT, the final
decision on which course they follow will be at the discretion of the Head of IT.
4. GCSE PE/GCSE BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Sport - the PE department will
decide which PE qualification your child will study, but both are equivalent to 1 GCSE.